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We created Altroo to empower you to support goals that matter to you

However, in the context of recent events in Ukraine we have decided to focus our support on helping Ukrainians in these difficult moments. We believe that no one should have to suffer through the atrocities of war, and that everyone has the right to live their lives in peace.

Therefore, until further notice, we have redirected all of our attention to helping the Ukrainian people meet their most pressing needs!

We will bear all the costs of maintaining Altroo ourselves and hope you will join us in supporting Ukraine!

Of course, we remain open to new partnerships with organizations that support all causes - big and small, those local and global.

If you would like to see an organization added to Altroo, let us know at We are all looking forward to a peaceful resolution of this conflict in Ukraine, and returning to supporting the diverse causes of our users worldwide. Please note, however, that we only work with legally registered charities with proven track records.

You can read more on the Goals page.